Regina “Push” Estrada

My name is Regina “Push” Estrada. I adopted the nickname “Push” when I was 13yrs old and it’s stuck with me ever since; constantly evolving, always pushing the limits, of myself and just about everything else.

I was born an artist into a family full of architects, interior designers & fine art painters. The clean lines and perspective angles of architecture blue prints have fascinated me since I was a kid. I’ve tried to escape from what I am many times and always ended up with a pencil or brush in my hand.

Learning to tattoo has been one of the hardest and most complicated things I’ve ever done. Every single day I’m having to grow artistically. There are always different scenarios and situations, but the challenge of it all keeps me attracted to this industry and art form. I take great pride in doing custom designs for my clients and love seeing their reactions when they see their thoughts on paper and skin. Constantly refining and polishing this craft keeps me busy and extremely motivated to climb to the next level. I’m honored and grateful that my clients trust me with their skin and allow me to continue to do this for a living. I hope you enjoy my work.