Samantha Sue

Tattooing since 2006,  in the bay since 2013. From Chicago. Love pets, cartoons, true crime, and snacks.

Custom work $350/hr with a one hour minimum.

Flash and tattoos of original artwork $300/hr with a one hour minimum.

Love doing tattoos in these styles of these subjects: cats, crystals, bugs, flowers, mushrooms, plants, food, foliage, dogs, space, galaxies, nebulas, geometric shapes, outlines, full color, stippling, illustrative, art deco, beads, lace, decorative, bouquets, nudes, cartoons, hands, Sasquatch, fantasy, psychedelic, eyes, frames, gold, watercolor, realism, painterly, birds, snails, worms, horns, sea creatures, hot dogs, octopuses, portraits… and so much more!

To book with Samantha make the Subject “New submission” and send an email.

Please include name, location (city), email, phone number, and tattoo idea.